Кроссаут: Шутер на колесах
Online action "Crossout: Shooter on Wheels" is already available in your country!
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Nov 17, 2023
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Online action "Crossout: Shooter on Wheels" is already available in your country!
Hurry up to enter the game before 04.12 and get a gift:
– Paint "Khokhloma"
– Signs "Roar" and "Rage"
– 3 days of premium subscription
– Resources for rare crafting

Crossout: Wheel Shooter is the legendary MMO action game for your mobile device
Assemble your unique combat vehicle in a convenient constructor. Rush into 6v6 team-based PvP battles in a ruthless post-apocalyptic world or take on waves of AI opponents in PVE missions. Fight under the flags of post-apocalyptic factions – they will reward you with new parts and special skills!


*** PLAY IN A TEAM: 6v6 online PvP shooter. Merciless post-apocalyptic battles will determine who is the strongest!

*** CUSTOMIZE YOUR UNIQUE VEHICLE: heavy armored car, nimble buggy or versatile pickup – create a car for your play style. Change guns, install equipment, choose a scary decor and increase your chances of survival. 100+ parts and millions of combinations! Experiment with the craziest ideas. Arm yourself with machine guns, rockets, chainsaws, mines, blasters – everything you can imagine!

*** UNIQUE DAMAGE SYSTEM: shoot any part of the enemy's car – immobilize him or make him defenseless! Take the enemy apart in fast-paced action!

*** A HUGE SELECTION OF WEAPONS: machine guns, rockets, large-caliber guns and even a minigun! Choose the weapon that you prefer: melee or ranged combat.

*** FRACTIONS: Mechanics, Drifters and others. Each faction has its own history in the world of the post-apocalyptic Crossout universe. Choose the faction that best suits your fighting style, fight under their banner and they will reward you with unique parts for your war machine.

*** GREAT GRAPHICS: Spectacular effects, breathtaking scenery and post-apocalyptic atmosphere! The game is optimized for your device. Enjoy spectacular elements of each game map, carefully detailed models of each war machine, spectacular explosions and flying torn parts. Manual settings will help you find a balance between a juicy picture and high FPS.

*** BE THE FIRST: fight against real players from all over the world for the title of the bravest hero of the post-apocalypse! Do you want to play with your friends? Add them to your fireteam. Is not that enough for you? Create your own or join a clan to fight alongside like-minded people in rating battles and participate in tournaments with rewards! Coordinate your strategy and destroy opponents together!

Want to discuss the game or find allies?
Information about us can be found at https://mobile.crossout.net/
We wish you a pleasant game 🙂