Don’t Touch My Phone ,Charger Unplug Alarm

"Don’t Touch My Phone & Anti-Theft Alarm
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Aug 12, 2022
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Don’t Touch My Phone & Anti-Theft Alarm

Don’t Touch My Phone & Anti-Theft application is used to protect your mobile phone from getting misuse. Anti-Theft application is used to secure your phone from crooks touching and also protect your phone from snoopers. Now you don’t need to request to anyone that please don’t touch my phone you just need to activate Anti-Theft alarm so if anyone try to misuse your mobile phone you can easily catch him using Don’t Touch My Phone
You can also protect your phone from your family members and your workmate also no one can try to touch your phone because of Anti-Theft Alarm
Don’t touch my Phone uses Motion Sensor to provide security if anyone touch your mobile device alarm enable and keep your device safe and secure. Anti-Theft application is the most safe and secure application you can easily detect that who is trying to unlock your mobile device alarm rings immediately whenever some touch you phone
If you are afraid that someone snooping into your phone and read your text messages and private message without your permission and you are afraid to leave your device in public then no need to worry with the help of Anti- Theft app no one can touch your device.
Don’t Touch My Phone service is by default enabled in your mobile device you just need to press the start button and placed your mobile device in some place motion sensor is enabled if anyone come and try to touch to mobile alarm is started.

Charger Removal & Charger Unplug Alarm

Charger Removal & Charger Unplug Alarm application is used to save your mobile device. Sometimes we have to charge your mobile device in Hospital , Airport and many other public places and its difficult for you to keep your eye on your cell phone every time chances of mobile stolen is high at that time so we developed Charger Removal & Charger Unplug Alarm application if the feature of charger unplug is enable and someone tries to unplug your device from charger alarm start with high sound . Now the person you remove the phone form charging cannot stop the alarm until you enter pin.

Full Battery Charge & Battery 100% Alarm

Full Battery Charge application is also used for mobile security. Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged many people put their phone in charge and forget to remove from the charging and keep phone in charge for long that is not good for your mobile device. Full Battery alarm let you know when your mobile phone battery is full so you can unplug your cell phone and make your phone battery safe.
Stop Unnecessary charging of your mobile device with the help of Full Battery Charge Alarm and you can save the electricity of your country also.

Clap to Find My Phone

Anti-Theft Application also provides a feature of Clap To Find My Phone if you forget your phone that where you placed your phone in home or any place then without Use My Phone Safety application you find someone who can call on your phone and then you can find your phone but using Clap to Find My Phone all you need to just clap and your phone start alarming and you can easily find your phone by just Clapping


Secret Pin
Don’t Touch My Phone, Battery Full Charge & Charger Removal Application provides the feature of Secret PIN Code you can set 4-digit PIN
Flash Light & Vibrate
Flash Light and Vibrate feature is also provided in Anti-Theft application you can enable these features form the setting when alarm start flashlight and vibrate is also enabled with alarm.0Anti -Theft application is developed by Fair Apps Store if you have any kind of query or suggestion regarding this application please write an email at
[email protected]"

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