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Monetize your content by doing what you love the most by creating short videos in our App.
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Aug 16, 2022
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Monetize your content by doing what you love the most by creating short videos in our App.
Start your monetization & win real money with a small number of followers. Expand your earnings by leveraging your existing following base in other social media platforms. GotChosen shares ad revenue with you in monthly payouts.
We also offer a fun and engaging way to all users making money by competing in our hashtag contests, Top 10 Ranking program and Sweepstakes.
About GotChosen
GotChosen is an American tech startup focused on helping websites increase online monetization. Our unique platform enables websites to monetize their social media content directly on site. Audiences can now enjoy social media content while browsing the website’s article pages. And websites can enjoy more monetization without compromising their user’s experience. And now, GotChosen wants to do the same for the influencers’ community. GotChosen is launching a unique social media monetization platform that will pay influencers directly with money earned from our advertisers!

Our social media monetization platform is:

Inclusive: our mission is to enable influencers of all sizes from nano-influencers to celebrities to earn money by doing what they love; creating amazing content for their audience.
Transparent: our commitment is to show transparency to our community of creators. We provide a detailed reporting system using the advertising industry standard practices.
Generous: we will share our ad revenue earned from our advertisers with you. Plus, if you bring other influencers to do what you will do, we will also share part of your friend’s ad revenue with you that was supposed to come to GotChosen. This is a true partnership.
Effective: we assured that content creators will monetize every content created and shared within our community. GotChosen has developed a sophisticated programmatic advertising technology that optimizes real time bidding with hundreds of thousands of Brands globally and private placement opportunities to enable monetization for our influencers. The advertisements on GotChosen are inserted in a very small strip above the post. This is a non-invasive way and does not take attention away from the content.
And this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for our innovative marketplace and metaverse monetization products that will disrupt the way content creators and their audiences interact with Brands.

What ways are there to earn money through GotChosen?

you will earn 60% of money generated by impressions (views) of the advertising shown to your audience who see your content on GotChosen.
you will also earn 60% of the money generated by advertising on your content that is shown to ALL organic users who see your content naturally within the App or the web browser, regardless of whether they were already part of your audience or not.
with the referral program, you will also earn a 5% monthly bonus from the advertising displayed to the audience of all the Influencers who have registered on GotChosen through your own referral link.

How can I see what I am earning?

Your dashboard will provide a daily report about your monetization status.

How will I receive my payments from GotChosen?

Your payments will be sent to your bank account or to your Wise account linked on your dashboard.

When do I get paid?

We will issue payments 48 days after the closing of every month.

What's new

- Performance improvements
- General fixes