Barong Bangkung Runner

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Nov 12, 2023
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The word barong comes from the word bahruang which means bear animal, is a mythology animal that has magical powers, is considered a protective animal. In its development, then barong in Bali is not only manifested in four-legged animals but there are also two-legged, barong bangkung also called Barong Celeng, while Bangkung itself has another name, Bangkal, which means big pig that is old. Generally Barong Bangkung is staged by going around the village or the term (ngelawang) by two dancers on certain days that are considered sacred or when an outbreak strikes the village without carrying a play and accompanied by a gamelan batel or tetamburan. Barong Bangkung is usually 'ngelawang' (coming in front of people's houses) to dance as an expulsion of evil forces. But in its development Barong ngelawang is now undergoing a change. Originally a sacred barong ngelawang, but in its development barong ngelawang activities carried out by children to entertain and make money. This change in barong ngelawang tradition takes place in Ubud tourism area, Gianyar. As a society that has a high degree of religiosity, the people of Ubud should not be able to take action that can reduce the sacred value in the barong ngelawang tradition. With the changing society becoming more modern, it should leave its tradition even more

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