Booster Up!

Launch your rocket as far as you can and record how far it goes.
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Aug 30, 2023
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Launch your rocket as far as you can and record how far it goes.
Buy new components and merge them to create stronger rockets.
Keep in mind that boosters change the direction of the rocket, so use them carefully to reach your targets.

Prepare for an intergalactic journey in this exhilarating game!
Start with a basic rocket and upgrade it by merging different modules. Then, launch your rocket into space and explore various planets.
During your space flight, swipe your rocket towards gift boxes in different directions to earn rewards.
Collect stars to upgrade your rocket's heat shield, fuel or booster and fly even farther for explore the space!

As you fly deep into space, earn money to unlock new rockets and visit different planets.
Find the VIP boxes and launch toward to them and earn special items and power-ups to give you an edge on your journey.
With each new planet, you'll encounter unique challenges and obstacles, but don't worry, your upgraded rocket and modules will help you overcome them.

But that's not all! As you collect more stars, you'll also unlock the ability to upgrade your modules of your rocket!
From high-boost rockets that can travel at lightning speeds to high-fuel rockets that can fly even the frontier the space, the possibilities are endless.
So what are you waiting for? Strap in and blast off into a galaxy full of adventure with this exciting game.
It's time to boosters up and explore the final frontier!

What's new

Today is a lucky day. Why you might ask: it’s because you get new planets! Upgrade now to enjoy our newly added planets!