Car Fix Inc – Mechanic Garage

Welcome to the mechanic garage that you have just taken over!
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Aug 20, 2023
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Welcome to the mechanic garage that you have just taken over!
Restore the cars with the various car services, and then make deals with used cars dealerships to become RICH!
Get ready for running this car fix Inc. in this car restoration simulator?

In order to develop your car fix business, the garage should:
-Inspect and record the condition of cars
-Repair these cars with mechanics’ efforts
-Offer car services to make the car restoration work
-Modify and assemble in the motor factory
-Earn money to make you rich

You can display these cars in the shop and make deals with used cars dealerships. Those scrapped ones can be moved to the junkyard. In return, you can also explore those components that required for assembling and repairing in the junkyard.

What can you do?
-Upgrade garage to make money and boost efficiency
-Hire car fix mechanics and managers to work for you
-Develop motor factory to expand your car repair business
-Engage car racing with epic cars that you assembled

Upgrade garage and train mechanics to promote the income of the whole factory. With your efforts, the car factory can repair and modify automatically. Analyze data and make wise decisions to make your car fix Inc. grow!