Hills of Steel: Commander

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May 8, 2023
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Fast-paced and addictive RTS game for mobile, done right. No autoplay but full control on the units in the battlefield. Intense and hardcore gameplay against other players in 1vs1 PvP environment.

Unlock and upgrade Tanks with a variety of special abilities! Command your army in battle to capture and control resource points. Conquer the competition with deft maneuvers and strategic decision-making. Construct your base to improve your economy, build more powerful units, and develop Modules that strengthen your army.

Steel yourself for stiff competition, challenges await in Hills of Steel: Commander!

Tap or swipe for flexible unit controls to micromanage your army in the first proper mobile RTS. Complete missions for additional rewards to develop your units. Choose your loadout to bring into combat and emerge victorious for glory and competitive rating.


▶ Free to download and play!
📱 Made-for-mobile RTS with micro-able unit control
🌍 Various battlefield maps where different units excel
⭐ Competitive ratings to showcase your skill
🏆 Easy to learn, hard to master


Facebook: https://facebook.com/superplusgames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/superplusgames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/superplusgames
Web: http://www.superplusgames.com

Privacy Policy: http://help.superplusgames.com/hosc_privacy_policy/

We have developed Hills of Steel: Commander for you to enjoy and therefore we’d appreciate all possible feedback, so we know how to make the game even better for you and everyone:

[email protected].

What's new

Patch notes:
Welcome to Hills of Steel: Commander!
A fast-paced RTS experience on mobile. Start building your army today!
Beta now available.

Visual improvements to game environment and UI
Changes in balance and pacing of the game
Various gameplay improvements and bug fixes