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★ My Own Toy Dragon-Raising RPG ★ Open Beta starts in September!
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Oct 27, 2023
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★ My Own Toy Dragon-Raising RPG ★ Open Beta starts in September!

《About the Game》
BlockTown was a peaceful place where Toy Dragons lived in harmony, until it was invaded by wind-up toys.
These invaders ruthlessly destroyed BlockTown, stealing precious Gem Blocks from the treasure warehouse.
Enraged, the Toy Dragons are now determined to rebuild their town and plan their revenge.
Join them, assemble the strongest dragon exploration team and prepare to embark on a journey to recover the lost treasures!

《Key Features》
▶ Unique Pixel-style Toy Dragons
Form your dream team from over 300 distinctive dragons and make use of their unique jobs and attribute features to conquer the World Stage.

▶ Rebuild BlockTown with the Toy Dragons
Set up and upgrade various production lines, including the Block Factory, Block Hardware Store, and Gear Maker. The more you upgrade BlockTown, the more rewards you'll obtain for your dragons' growth.

▶ Unleash endless synergies with Gem Blocks and Pets
Harness the power of Gem Blocks and companion pets with different abilities to craft a myriad of strategic combinations. Take into account your dragons' attributes and classes to further enhance their strengths.

▶ Show off your strategic prowess in the Arena PVP
Compete with other dragon exploration teams in the Arena and strive for victory! Dominate the rankings with a well-balanced combination of dragons, and adapt to the attribute buffs that change with each league season.

What's new

■ OBT Version Patch 1.12 (1005)
- Battery supply and demand in the battery plant will be raised in some sections.
- The amount of battery components paid by the mileage shop will be increased.
- Some UI error correction and remediation patches apply.
- Chat server optimization patches apply.