Ninja Battle: Random Defense

Once upon a time in the Ancient East, a bloody battle of ninjas begins now!
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Jul 24, 2023
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Once upon a time in the Ancient East, a bloody battle of ninjas begins now!

▶ A Tale Set in the Ancient East
You'll set out on an adventure in the mysterious past of the popular game < Ninja Battle : Defense RPG >. Clear stages and follow the secret history that gradually unfolds!

▶ Strategic Battle with Random Cards
Draw cards and merge them strategically to create your own battle plan! Immerse yourself in Spectacular Jutsu effects straight out of an anime. You can use various unique ancient Eastern style Jutsu with simple taps and drags!

▶ Adventure with Skilled Companions
Meet one-of-a-kind ninjas with special traits in Ninja Battle : Random Defense. Each has their own Jutsu and types that play pivotal roles in battles when deployed properly. You can also recruit the ninjas to assist you with your own strategy!

▶ Respected Leader of the Ninja Village
Build your own Ninja Village and foster different ninjas. Command the ninjas as a leader of your village to win the war and become the best village!


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What's new

- Added ‘Mop Up’ dungeon content
- Added Game Speed Up feature
- Fixed Stage balance
- Improved tutorial
- Increased Infiltration Rewards
- Added and improved sound
- Added feature that auto merges Cards by pulling them down
- Added Bull Demon King effects
- Fixed bugs and made quality-of-life improvements