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Quadropoly is a unique version of the classic business board game known to all generations, with simple rules, exciting action and the option for online or offline multiplayer.
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Nov 19, 2023
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Quadropoly is a unique version of the classic business board game known to all generations, with simple rules, exciting action and the option for online or offline multiplayer.

Artificial intelligence, trained with machine learning, has turned Quadropoly into a unique example in ALL known business strategy board games. Thanks to the large audience of players, the game is becoming more and more interesting and exciting.

Quadropoly 3D version is a more advanced, improved and visually stunning sequel to the already popular classic business board game.

Quadropoly is a great way to spend time with family and friends. This classic business game will provide many enjoyable moments for adults and children. The exciting rules will improve players financial confidence and business management skills by competing with other players and becoming a monopolist in the game area. The game will be a great strategic simulation exercise for all ages, as well as for beginner investors.


🔵 No cheating. No re-rolls. No hidden luck parameters. Pure Data Science vs your business & negotiation skills
🔵 No preferential (discriminatory) trading for AI. AI does not know whether their trading partner is another AI or a human, nor their intelligence level regardless of the difficulty: trade offer evaluations depend on pretty much everything on the board, but not on who their opponent is

AIs are infinitely patient, make their turn as fast as you tell them and never quit the game when you start winning. Also, with AI Advice system in Quadropoly you can rapidly improve your own skills in any Business Online Trading game, learn the real value (very different to the Bank value) of the properties, cash flow management and money, improve your negotiation skills, and, most importantly, avoid throwing (or dodging) game pieces at your opponent’s face.

With 8 difficulty levels available on our board business online game, stop on a level you feel comfortable with & advance at your own pace. The number of scores given per game depends on the number of tactics used. This ensures the best players' ability to get higher score per game, being able to advance 10 to 50 times faster than the beginner and unlock top levels quickly. But, with top AI level capable of participating in World Championships even the best players are guaranteed to find the cool dice board game very challenging.

First 2 AI levels do not use Machine Learning models – they are very easy opponents. You can play offline.

The next 2 AI levels do not trade between each other – they are only permitted to trade with the player. They are also extremely penalised and are using only a fraction of the tactics available. These levels and above on our board game online, require Internet.

The remaining 4 AI levels is high strategy and have fewer penalties. Last 2 AI, Champions and Monopolists, attempt to trade with everyone every turn!

📇 Support for all official rules by the book
🎓 AI advice at any moment in the business online game to give more fun
🎥 Watch replays of completed games played by best players from the Leaderboards (great way to learn new tactics)
🎻 Extensive customisation with support for hundreds of house rules makes it a great choice for classic business game players
🌠 Variable animation speed and improved balance allow the game to be completed in 6-15 minutes
🎭 Every single AI in every game is unique and has its personality which defines its risk-taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. AIs are great at imitating real people: they could be annoyed, desperate or greedy
📠 Feedback loop. Logs are used for Machine Learning

Apart from the AI which has been evolving since 2016, this is a brand new business board game.

Now is the time to enjoy exciting property business board gaming!

What's new

- Added Indonesian language support and new free board - Bali!
- Upgraded to a new Multiplayer Games provider, many improvements for Online gameplay
- Added options to receive FREE Premium Time! Use Remove Ads button on the board
- Added 6 cities from classic Quadropoly!
- New Portrait game layout added! Now Quadropoly supports both Portrait and Landscape layouts
- AI version updated to 417
- Bug fixes and performance optimisation
- First Victory every day will get double score!