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Jun 10, 2022
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Transforming Robot Theft– Army tank transport games – Air battle

Robot transform game is specifically designed for the lovers of robot transforming games and robot fighting games. To provide them best user experience, diverse features of robot games like robot shooting games, robot war games with car robot transforming games are merged into one package. Thrilling adventure of robot car games starts from the beginning as you steal the multi transforming robots from military research labs. A US secret agent sets on the high significance mission of robot shooting
games and robot car games. I bet you have never played such an awesome theft game in any of robot action games & car robot war games. Accept the highly dangerous and risky job! Steal mech warrior futuristic robots and future battle machines having the multi transforming capability in exciting blend of robot games, robot action games & mech robot shooting games. This robot car simulator is latest on of the transforming robot car games which encloses ultimate simulation in army tank transporter plane games, plane driving simulator, robot shooting games with tank robot stealing games.
An agent is assigned with a task to steal futuristic robots from Russian research labs. These multi transforming robots are featured with robot plane transform, robot car transform and military tank robot transform ability. He faces the epic battle of mech robots from Russian military battle machines in robot fighting games, robot action games including tank robot action games & robot car games. After stealing the car robot, he opts for military tank robot theft and his final target is to steal jet plane transforming robot from Russian military base. On this stage of stealth mission, the influence of military tank war games and jet fighter plane games gets dominated. Stealth missions are becoming difficult gradually, and the US agent is leading to steal all the car transforming robots and destroying the enemy bases and air fighters in epic air battle. The next mission is to steal multi robot transporter plane, shooting the army robots and police duty officers in tank transport games & airplane transport games.
Get ready for future robot battle of jet fighter airplane simulator and added flavor of army tank transporter plane in multi transforming robot fighting games & plane robot war games. Fasten the belts to participate in the epic battle of mech robots as a real robot warrior in robot car games and tank transport games. This is newest of the uniquely designed robot stealing games in robot car transforming games, which replicates the crime story of a secret agent who hides himself in the enemy country in disguised getup. He performs the undercover duties of stealing from military research laboratories, kidnaps the scientists to break the secret codes and concludes his robot stealing games missions with air battle of jet fighters.
The story of the stealth mission progresses smoothly from stealing car robot, transformation into robot car and then stealth mission of army tank robot and airplane robot. In the last stages of robot stealing missions there is an intensive military robot fight with army tank robots and the jet fighter bombings starts the air battle of future robot transforming games. This army tank robot game is mix up of car robot transforming games, robot fighting games, robot action games and robot war games which covers the air battle and robot fight of new battle machines.

• Multiple robot transformations, tanks, jets, cars
• Endless robotic battles, ever mounting action-packed thrill
• Extremely high quality 3D graphics
• Open-world destructive adventures and many more

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