Anti-theft alarm – Don’t touch my phone

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Aug 12, 2022
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If you are afraid of losing your phone or irritated by friends who sneak into your cellphone without your permission. Use Anti-theft alarm: 2021 mobile phone security app to protect your phone from intruders. Secure your mobile phone from crook and thieves with an Anti-theft security app.
Iantitheft-pro protection app is Simple and easy to use, and it solves all phone theft issues. Our mobile phones are more likely to be lost in public, the workplace, or even at home. You will protect your phone from unauthorized access and theft with this easy-to-use Pocket sense anti theft alarm app. Find lost phone function helps you by giving a safety alarm when someone removes the phone from your pocket so your gives them clear warning that Don't touch my phone, unplugs charging, or steals your headphones. You no longer have to worry about mobile thieves! You are safe now.
Anti Theft Alarm app Features :

Anti-theft motion alarm

This feature is also called Don't touch my phone where you can find a free motion detector feature in the anti-theft motion alarm app, it's the best function of anti-theft security, as any movement occurs to your phone, the motion sensor starts to activate. So when someone tries to remove your phone from your pocket on a bus, train, or any other crowded place Anti-theft security app gives you the protection that Pickpocket alert will detect that movement and a loud alarm start ringing

Intruder selfie

Intruder selfie phone lock helps you when you want to know who tried to unlock your phone in your absence. Hidden Intruder selfie App takes a selfie of that person who enters the wrong password to unlock your phone, by this you will track who intrudes in your phone.

Pocket sense

Just activate Pocket sense – anti-theft alarm feature and feel comfortable in a shopping center or any crowded place. When anyone tries to remove the phone from your pocket or bag, a loud alarm starts ringing and you will blatantly capture the thief.

Charger removal alert

Charger removal alert helps you at home as well as outside, you want to charge your phone at some public place and you are worried about being stolen your phone, you don't have to worry charger removal alert app will protect your phone from thieves. Phone security alarm system starts ringing when someone tries to remove your mobile from the charging point.

Over Charge Protection

Anti Theft Alarm – phone security application will detect when battery is fully charged and buzz a load ring for you to remove charger. Share this with your loved ones to enjoy this mobile phone security app. Anti-theft alarm phone security app protects you and your phone in all possible ways.

Who Unlock my Phone?

This functionality is also called hidden intruder selfie. If you activate Intruder Selfie and leave your mobile somewhere, the app will take a photo in background if someone try to unlock your phone with wrong password from lock screen. Find Lost Phone will save the picture of intruder where you can see his picture after you get your phone back. You can also set phone security alarm for wrong password detection.
By using Anti-Theft Alarm app you can catch intruders red-handed. Install now this new 2021 Pocket sense – anti theft alarm app on Android phone to catch a mobile robbers. Choose a loud police siren to immediately aware and warn a thief to run away from your mobile. If you were concerned that your friends and family members without your permission trying to sneak into your cell phone, Download Find Lost Phone security app for the hidden safety of your phone. Don't let burglars get your phone away from you.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. We need this to detect failed unlock attempts. To uninstall this app, go to Android Settings, Security, Device Admins, and deactivate IntruderSelfie before uninstalling.

What's new

Who Unlock My Phone?
Capture intruder selfie and save it.
Over Charge Protection
Pocket Sense Thief Detection
Anti-theft Alarm Phone protection added
Motion alarm or don't touch my phone