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Aug 14, 2022
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Pregnancy apps for pregnant women to get to know your future baby.

Welcome future mom! There is infinite happiness if we can accompany the development of our future baby during pregnancy. Following the development of the fetus in the womb from week to week will make us feel its presence more and grow the affection felt by our future baby.

The BukuBumil Community will support the pregnancy process to be more enjoyable and worry-free. Freedom to obtain accurate knowledge and express feelings without fear is BukuBumil's main motivation.
With BukuBumil, pregnant women can become heroes for your baby-to-be with these features.

? Keep Track of Pregnancy & Fetal Development in the Womb
– Baby tracker for pregnant women that shows fetal development from week to week and day to day with illustrations of pregnancy USG.
– Find out information about the development of the fetus and mother's body in this pregnancy apps.

? High Resolution, High Definition Animated Video of Pregnancy USG
– Follow the development of pregnancy and fetal movements from the first week of pregnancy to the end with the animated feature of the fetus and pregnancy USG via cellphone every week

? Find Pregnancy Tips
– Get a collection of articles on food guides, gestational age, how to deal with complaints during pregnancy, pregnancy tests, parenting, preparation for baby delivery, etc.
– Get information about preconception, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, parenting through the classes provided for free.
– Every mother's doubts regarding pregnancy will be explained accurately and reliably in this pregnancy apps.

? Play Classical Music for Pregnant Women
– Listening to music will really make pregnant women become more relaxed and uplifting.
– Listen to music with high-quality music specially arranged for the fetus in the womb so that its development is healthy, fit and intelligent in the future.

? Pregnancy Tracker with Baby Due Date Calculator for Pregnancy
– No need to bother anymore to calculate the gestational age. Know the gestational age via cellphone and the estimated date of birth of the baby automatically with due date countdown and calculator for pregnancy.
– Continue to monitor the mother's weight gain during the pregnancy process so that it is in accordance with the recommendations. By monitoring your weight during pregnancy, you can get the ideal weight after giving birth.

✅ Check your Needs with BukuBumil Checklists
– Know what your little one needs from the time they are in the womb for each gestational age, from pregnancy tests to baby equipment.
– Make sure all the needs of the little one until the mother's delivery are neatly arranged in the BukuBumil

? Play Quran Verses for Muslim Pregnant Women
– Are you a Muslim? Activate 'Islamic mode' for Muslim pregnant women to listen to the recommended readings of the Quran during pregnancy. Introduce your baby-to-be with His verses from the time you are in the womb.
– As an Islamic pregnant woman, listening to the Quran will also make you calmer when you are feeling stressed and can get excited again

? Share Pregnancy Progress
– Share the exciting story behind the development of your mother's pregnancy along with animations and USG photos of pregnancy to social media.
– Add stickers, frames, sounds, gifs or other sentences to make the photos more funny and meaningful.

? Ensure Drinking Water Needs are Met
– Make sure the need for water during pregnancy is fulfilled at least 10 glasses every day with BukuBumil pregnancy apps

?‍?‍?‍? Join the BukuBumil Community
– Join a supportive community to share your worries as an expectant mother.
A place to share and ask questions about pregnancy, childbirth, children, parenting, to marriage to make the parenting journey easier.

?️ Baby Kick Counter and Recorder
– Count the number of fetal movements/kicks with a kick counter to avoid possible fatal risks such as miscarriage during childbirth and stillbirth

What's new

Dear Moms,
Introducing the Notification Settings feature, where you can set community alerts, drink reminders, and weekly baby development notifications.
Now you can have peace of mind & safely shop for pregnant women and babies' supplies with the "Ask" feature, where you can reach us directly to answer all your questions while shopping.
Update the BukuBumil application and join the community of other Indonesian pregnant women.