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Aug 14, 2022
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✅ Take control of your well-being: Build healthy habits, stay accountable, and act on insights all in one app!

CareClinic is an award-winning clinically-studied Health Tracker App that simplifies managing your own and your dependent's health. Enable intelligent Trackers and Modules that make managing your treatment or health goals simple, easy, and quick!

⭐ 1000’S of 5-STAR REVIEWS
"I love this App! It lets me journal my thoughts and helps with my med reminders. I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to build healthy habits!" Dr. Nat

CareClinic is more than a health symptom tracker app.

As a self-care wellness app and symptoms tracker, it includes all must-haves such as a medication tracker & other health reminders. Set reminders for your meds & pills and also reminders to record your symptom severity, measurements, to engage in physical activity and eat correctly. Add your care team to let them monitor your progress remotely, or monitor the well-being of your loved ones!

? Trackers included: Track medication (prescription, birth control), vitamins, supplements (such as iron, vitamin C), chronic conditions, symptoms, environmental factors, nutrition, physical activity (such as yoga, steps, exercises), daily vitals & measurements (mood & blood pressure, fever temperature), therapies, sleep, stool tracker & notes. Automatically discover correlations & triggers through reports & insights.

?Modules: Care Teams, Reminders, Goals, Streaks, Appointments, Care Plans (regimens for different people or goals), Conditions (comorbidities), Labs, Immunizations (Vaccines), Exercise & Medication library

? 7 Reasons People Choose Us

– Schedule medication (pill reminders, refill reminders, vitamin reminders or supplement reminders) with tapering doses
– Appointment reminders for checkups, assessments
– Immunization reminders for follow-up shots

– Built-in DB of medications, symptoms, supplements, exercises, measurements (with units)
– Pre-set measurements like Weight, Sleep, Blood Pressure, Energy, Productivity, Mood, Pain, Pulse & Temperature, more
– Include photos

– See what works and what doesn't
– Export & share progress

– Google Fit & wearables
– Appointments sync with mobile calendar

– Share data or monitor family, kids & seniors remotely
– Nudge dependents to stay on track
– Store contact information centrally for reference

– Add medication with photos! No typing needed
– See Drug & Supplement interactions, Synergistic effects between supplements (stacking!), Dose warnings
– It's not just a medication list! add Drugs, Minerals, Nutrition (Food & drinks with calories & macronutrients), Therapies (CBT, Mindfulness), Fitness

– Turn off unnecessary modules & trackers to simplify the app
– Or turn them all ON & track symptoms, goals, habits, headaches, migraines, disease, more
– Syncs with Desktop Web App
– Built-in DB of common labs & reports like genomic labs, blood tests
– Biometric security for privacy ?

?? More than a medication management app or pill organizer, it is a complete health planner:
Essential for chronic illness & Mental health (ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks), Chronic pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS (bowel movements) IBD, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Also works well for tracking Flu, COPD, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, IPF, PMDD, other disorders. Track pregnancy & baby symptoms, Headaches, Mood tracker, Urine, Stool, Symptom tracker, PMS, Food allergies, gut health, GI Symptoms, pain tracker, pain log, pain journal

Don’t put loved ones at risk by missing a tablet, set medication reminders.$6.99/m, $59.99/yr subscription for more functionality & affordable than other medication trackers

Made in ?? , we understand & care!

What's new

We've made a lot of major upgrades:
- Google fit integration revamped, now you can automatically import: Fitness, steps, weight, blood pressure, calories, hydration, sleep, workouts
- Nutrition tracker revamped, improved built in library, now get access to 100,000 more foods
- We improved the nutrition charts as well! Track all macros + individual foods (rather than frequency)
- Surveys & Questionnaires updated and now includes ADHD surveys such as the ASRS and the Weiss Symptom record (WSR II)