D’CENT Crypto Wallet

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Jun 28, 2022
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D’CENT Wallet allows you to safely store your cryptocurrencies and conveniently access blockchain-based services such as DeFi and game item management. With a single D’CENT Mobile App, you can link with a hardware wallet or use it as a software wallet without hardware.

D’CENT Mobile App offers the following features:
1. Cryptocurrency portfolio management: visualization of assets with pie charts, real-time market price information
2. Dapp Service: access blockchain services such as DeFi, Staking, and games through the built-in Dapp browser
3. Hardware Wallet management: manage which D’CENT hardware wallet to synchronize with the Mobile App.
4. Software Wallet: offers wallet services without hardware wallet
5. Naming address: through ENS(Ethereum Name Service) or RNS(RIF Name Service), you can send and receive cryptocurrencies with simple names such as website addresses instead of complex cryptocurrency addresses.

■ Supported Coins
Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), ERC20, Rootstock(RSK), RRC20, XRPL(XRP), Monacoin(MONA), Litecoin(LTC), BitcoinCash(BCH), BitcoinGold(BTG), Dash(DASH), ZCash(ZEC), Klaytn(KLAY), Klaytn-KCT, DigiByte(DGB), Ravencoin(RVN), Binance Coin(BNB), BEP2, Stellar Lumens(XLM), Tron(TRX), TRC10, TRC20, Ethereum Classic(ETC), BitcoinSV(BSV), Dogecoin(DOGE), Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCHA), Luniverse(LUX), XinFin Network Coin(XDC), XRC-20, Cardano(ADA), Polygon(MATIC), POLYGON-ERC20, HECO(HT), HRC20,
xDAI(XDAI), xDAI-ERC20, Fantom(FTM), FTM-ERC20, Celo(CELO), Celo-ERC20
,Metadium(META), Meta-MRC20, HederaHashgraph(HBAR), HTS, Horizen(ZEN), Stacks(STX), Solana(SOL)
* New coins are added regularly.

■ D’CENT Biometric Hardware Wallet
D’CENT Biometric cold wallet is a hardware wallet designed based on a secure chip architecture to store cryptocurrency keys securely. Device is mounted with a smart card that has obtained the security level required by the financial sector, and Secure OS is built into the microprocessor to provide a secure execution environment to isolate/process private keys and data.
The fingerprint is enrolled through the fingerprint scanner and it is used to verify the owner at the signing stage of trading cryptocurrency. In addition to fingerprint, the device supports password (PIN) function.
Through the BLE(Low Power Bluetooth) interface, you can easily transfer cryptocurrency wirelessly in a mobile environment. The cryptocurrency address in QR code shown on the OLED display can be presented to receive money directly to your account.
Download the latest firmware through the USB cable included in the product package to keep your D’CENT Biometric Hardware Wallet up to date.

[Main Features]
1. Embedded with Secure OS developed by TEE(Trusted Execution Environment) technology experts.
2. Use in a mobile environment through BLE(Low Power Bluetooth).
3. Display the cryptocurrency address as a QR code on the OLED screen.
4. With battery capacity of 585mA, it lasts for one month on a single full charge.
5. Use the USB cable included in the product package to download the latest firmware and keep the device up to date.

■ D’CENT Card-type Hardware Wallet
D’CENT Card-type Hardware Wallet allows you to manage cryptocurrency assets with a simple touch. It is a cold wallet in the form of a credit card that uses a secure chip used in the financial sector to exchange and manage NFTs such as game items. Ethereum Card Wallet and Klaytn Card Wallet are supported.

[Main Features]
1. Built on NFC technology for communicating with Mobile App by a simple tagging.
2. Original Card Wallet can be backup on the Backup Card
3. Cryptocurrency address and QR code is printed on the card surface, so you can easily receive cryptocurrency.

What's new

1. Add feature "Connection with METAMASK(QR-based)" - App wallet & Biometric wallet. The firmware version 2.19.7 or higher is required for Biometric wallet.