Dogify: Dog Translator Trainer

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Aug 14, 2022
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Dogify is an amusing instant translator for dogs. Ideal when you can not communicate with your dog, and he does not understand anything! With this application you can say something to your dog or hear how it sounds in different languages. You can hear what your pet is barking in real time!

Try to communicate with a dog or a puppy using the features of the Dog Translator app

– Translation from Dog to Human

– Translation from Human to Dog

Talk to your pets, breaking the language barrier. Favorite pets may not understand the phrase, but they will hear familiar sounds and pay attention to you.

Turn on sounds for your pet to understand what sounds he likes and which ones are better not to play. Choose from a set of sounds you like, click to play and wait for your pet's reaction.

Learn how to train your dog with an ultrasonic whistle. Choose the frequency of the ultrasonic whistle to train your dog or choose from preset sounds for commands.

With this app you can talk to your dog! You can tell him what you are doing, where are you going, what's for dinner… But he still will not understand anything! This is why you can write down what you say so that Dogify shows these messages on the screen! And even if your dog can't read, he will be amazed by this new trick 🙂

Dogify is a funny app for you and your pet. It has a large collection of dog-related sounds, such as Dog's lullaby, A creepy howl or That's enough, what else do want. You can make your dog bark, howl, etc. Enjoy the barking party with your friends!

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