Fancy Beds Mods for Minecraft

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Jul 16, 2022
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Fancy Beds Craft Mods- this is a super mods mcpe. Addons allows you to experiment with the design of bedspreads for beds in minecraft world. In this mods mcpe, a texture pack with 16 beds gives 16 different designs in your minecraft world.

This popular and free application will diversify your world and make this game fun. In this addons mcpe successful interface, ease of installation, well-drawn mod, interesting to experiment.

The player in mod can change the color, texture and design of the covers in the game, to decorate the house in his world .

It is really cool, especially when you like to get something new and add awesome design to usual things in mods mcpe.
In general this opportunity is just replacement of textures of usual beds on new modified beds with unique design with this addons mcpe.

This mods mcpe allows you to create a modern and creative interior, make the game more interesting and diverse.
Suitable for playing online games on the phone and tablet with friends and family.
Download addons mcpe, play with friends, enjoy the game!

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