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Aug 13, 2022
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This application allows you to track your food supplies at home, keep an eye on expiration dates of products, use the shopping list to replenish your stock of food.
Scan barcodes to speed up your work.
Get notifications before the expiration date and never waste your food.
Sort products by categories and assign storage places to keep all in order.
Access on any of your Android devices and share the list with your family.


There are 2 lists on 2 tabs: "My Food" and "Shopping List"

"My Food"

– You can add there food stored in your fridge, freezer, on shelves and anywhere at home. –
– For each product you can set an expiration date if needed
– You can see expiration date of each product in the list as well as a visual indication of products expired soon or already expired
– You can copy any item from "My Food" list to "Shopping List" and set the quantity needed to purchase

"Shopping List"

– You can add there items directly or copy them from "Food List"
– After you have purchased an item you can move it from "Shopping List" to "My Food" list
– When you move an item from "Shopping List" to "My Food" the quantity is deducted from "Shopping List" and added to "My Food"


– You can use your phone's camera to scan barcodes of products
– Once barcode was added to a product you can just scan this barcode to perform an action (add or mark as purchased) instead of manual input
– You can associate more than one barcode to a single product. Use "Catalog" menu item to edit items and add extra barcodes

Categories and Storage Places

– Group products into categories;
– Create storage places (can be hierarchical) and know where your food is stored;
– Customize the view: plain list or with categories and/or storage places;
– Assign colors to storage places for easy and intuitive view;

Sharing and Syncing

– Share your lists with your family
– Go to "Users" menu item and add your family member's e-mail
– When this person installs the application and performs login with his e-mail he will be able to access your lists
– If you log in with your account on another device all data syncs automatically almost in real-time

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We use Open Food Facts database to fetch products' names and photos by barcode. This option's availability depends on the country.

What's new

- Update app languages.