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Aug 15, 2022
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To log in to Halkbank Mobile for the first time, it is sufficient that you have your Halkbank Internet Branch/Mobile Branch password.

If you are not a Halkbank customer, you can easily and quickly become a customer with a video call using the "Become a Customer" option and get your Halkbank Mobile/Internet Branch password.

If you are a Halkbank customer but do not have a password, you can get your password from the “Get/Forgot Digital Password” option by providing the following:
– Your Credit Card or Debit Card Information or,
– Your TR ID card.

• You can view the summary information of your Accounts, Assets/Debts, Credit Cards, Loans and Portfolio from interfaces supported with graphics.

• You can access your frequently used transactions easily and quickly from the home page with a single click by managing according to your requirements the “Favorite Transactions” menu which has been newly added to the opening screen.

• You can easily perform your transactions related to the products you use in our bank with the quick transaction buttons on the main page.

• You can make application for personal loans and use your approved loan immediately.

• You can make application for Overdraft Account and assign your approved limit into your account.

• At any time and at any place you want with Halkbank Mobile; you can track your account activities, perform your EFT and Money Transfer transactions with the money transfer option, and pay your bills and taxes.

• With QR Code transactions, you can withdraw money from our Bank24s without your card, and perform your Money Transfer/Demand transactions with QR Code.

• You can view your credit card information, pay your credit card debt, request cash advance and installment transactions besides requesting a limit increase.

• You can easily perform your foreign exchange, gold, investment fund, Halk Investment Transfers and Stock/Future and Options Market transactions, and monitor the foreign exchange and gold rates.

• From the E-Mail/SMS Instructions menu, you can give an SMS/E-Mail instruction to be notified when money is out of your account or when money is received in your account.

You can start performing your transactions by downloading the Halkbank Mobile application to your phone now.

You can access the permissions obtained by Halkbank Mobil from the link below:


What's new

We continue to renew Halkbank Mobile for you.
The below processes have been put into operation with the new update;
•Other minor improvements