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📊 Increase business sales with LEADer CRM app on the go CRM & Sales tracking app for Free! (Specifically designed for small businesses / SMB )
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Aug 17, 2022
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📊 Increase business sales with LEADer CRM app on the go CRM & Sales tracking app for Free! (Specifically designed for small businesses / SMB )
LEADer's business manager features include a sales tracker, digital business card, reminders, leads tracker, clients tracker, customers & leads comments, notes, meetings, smart business calendar, tasks, price quotes, follow-ups, customer tags, quick search, online metrics, events, customer database and more.
LEADer CRM will automatically capture & track incoming phone calls from new leads until closing a deal.
LEADer sales CRM is a Business app designed for salespeople, self-employed, freelancer, or small business (Realtors / real estate brokers/consultants, salespersons, etc.). LEADer CRM helps to manage customer databases, and increase sales because of the smart algorithm and unique features that will ease your work and improve it.
📊 Update offline records, notes, customer info and database, reminders, contacts, tags, price quotes, and business appointments fast & easily in real-time while the deals are still fresh in your mind! – Track & Close more deals on the go! carry your sales data with you everywhere you go. Even if you are offline.
📊 CRM (Customer or Client Relationship Management) is the most important aspect in business sales and marketing for salesmen & Rep. According to various researches & studies, a potential lead, prospect or e-leads who initiates a contact to purchase your product or service is 82% more likely to close a deal with a business, rep, salesperson or freelancer who calls them back first! Stay in touch with prospects. That’s why we consider it the utmost importance that we begin the work starting from when a potential customer, prospect, e-lead, or lead contact you! This feature makes LEADer unique compared to many CRM apps or Sales Tracker and business software out there even offline – when you are in the office or mostly out of the office. Our main focus as a business app or sales pipeline tracker is to help you grow, manage client relationships & increase sales. Manage your customers and sales with access to records of leads, potentials, prospects, customers, contacts, reminders, quotation forms, tags, events, and notes by accessing or modifying customer information offline. LEADer helps you stay productive and use your database whenever you are. Communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

📊 LEADer CRM increases customer satisfaction & customer engagement 📊

📊 LEADer sales rep CRM is the sales tracking app you always wanted. By streamlining your contacts and sales into a simple, easy to use, sales pipeline, LEADer CRM makes managing your business easy. LEADer CRM call tracker proved to be the ultimate selling and CRM tool to support salesman, freelancers, and self-employed working in field sales & services. The combination of lead manager and easy sales leads capture provides field sales reps with the ultimate sales tracker. Regardless if your domain is inside or outside sales, this selling tool will make you and your companies reach a new level of productivity.

📊 LEADer salesmen CRM is the management & sales business all-in-one app designed for ease of use and reliability. It is used daily by thousands of self–employed, freelance & sales reps, sales managers, and business owners worldwide.
📊 Regardless of your role, whether it's a sales rep, sales leader, salesman, or business owner, LEADer rep CRM will be uncontested in customer management, sales tracking, and helping you to be more productive and grow your business.
LEADer sales app is a CRM app that helps, professionals, freelancers, small businesses, realtors, and salesmen to track, acquire, retain and delight more customers /clients by smart features: digital business card, reminders, tracking Prospects, tracking clients, customers & leads comments, notes, meetings, business calendar, Price quotes, follow-ups, reminders, events and many more.

What's new

- Manage & Follow up Customers & leads via CRM.
- Visualize Your Leads, Customers & Closing Deals metrics!
- Manage Customer/Lead Info During Call.
- Automatically Send Business Card to Leads & customers.
- Price quotes.
- Tasks, reminders, follow-ups & your TO-DO calendar.
- Multiple SMS/Emails like Mailchimp.
- Particular for realtors, salespersons/salesmen, agents. Designed for those that have been disappointed by complicated apps like Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft dynamic, Pipedrive, Zoho..