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Aug 11, 2022
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You use this app when you use an Loftilla Plus Body Composition Smart Scale. This free app tracks your body weight, body fat, BMI, and other body composition data. It provides the information and inspiration to track your weight loss progress and to keep your fitter.

Loftilla Plus app and Smart Scale make it easier for you to track your health, fitness and set goals. Step on the Smart Scale, you can have your overall body composition data including:

– Weight
– Body Fat
– BMI (Body Mass Index)
– Body Water
– Bone Mass
– Muscle Mass
– BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
– Visceral Fat Grade
– Metabolic Age
– Body Type

The Loftilla Plus app works with all Loftilla Plus Smart Scale models. Some scale models may not support the full list of the above measurements, the app automatically reads all the available data from the scale and store the data on the cloud.

The Loftilla Plus app connects with several popular fitness apps such as Fitbit, Google Fit, etc. Your body composition information can be seamlessly transmitted to your existing app. We are adding more fitness apps, please keep your Loftilla Plus app up to date.

One Smart Scales can support multiple users, it is a perfect bathroom scale for your entire family.

Your weight and your body composition data are your personal information. We treat your privacy with priority. Only you can access your data, and only you can decide how to share your data with others.

To learn more about the Loftilla Plus Scales, Loftilla Plus app, and compatible apps, go to

What's new

1. The optimization of the app
2. Fix known problems