What is Luscii?
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Aug 16, 2022
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What is Luscii?
Luscii makes modern care possible. The Luscii app can be prescripted by healthcare organizations and makes it possible to:
– monitor body values ​​/ symptoms
– receive targeted education about (dealing with) illness or health risks
– communicate remotely with healthcare providers

How does it work?
– People have to register first. This normally goes through a hospital. In case of deployment in the corona crisis, registration is also possible at [](
– The app asks to report a number of body values ​​or symptoms every day. These are based on a user-initiated program by health care providers. There is also education in the app and remote contact.
– A medical team is standing behind the app. They assess the answers that users give in the app (supported by the technique of the app). If there is a medical reason for contacting them, they will do so within 24 hours. This can be done by telephone or via a message. Contact via video calling is also possible (note: this function is not yet available in the OLVG corona check).

OLVG corona check
– The demand for care is increasing due to the coronavirus outbreak. Hospitals are preparing for this by deploying new resources in addition to regular care. Together with the Amsterdam OLVG hospital, Luscii has therefore made the Luscii app suitable for this. We call this OLVG corona check.
– OLVG corona check is intended to remotely guide large groups of people with sympyoms that may be caused by the coronavirus. A medical team assesses the measurements received via the Luscii app that is used for OLVG corona check. OLVG corona check is free.
– OLVG corona check has started for people in the Greater Amsterdam region. The aim is to expand the regions in which the app is available. More information can be found at [](

Medical device and data processing
Luscii is a CE marked medical device. Data is processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The privacy regulations and terms of use can be found at []( Luscii is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What's new

General improvements and bug fixes.