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Aug 16, 2022
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Salaat First – Prayer Times & Adan Maroc indicates you the Prayer timing, the Mosques near you and the Qibla direction wherever you are!
The Salatuk 2022 algorithm supports a large Prayer calculation methods adopted by many Muslim countries. Depending on your location, the application choose the appropriate calculation method, Fiqhi school and Adhan.

For an accurate localization, please ensure that your location settings and your Internet connection or your GPS are enabled!

Salaat First (الصلاة أولا) is a prayer times is an application that provides prayer times (Awkat salat) for the Muslim user and the direction of Qibla in all regions of the world once he set his location by GPS satellites, the application supports most of the calculations methods around the world.

Salatuk (Adhan Maroc) needs every Muslim to know the times of prayer and Azan

Control your lifestyle with the help of the Prayer times : athan al-quran app. Muslims from all over the world are offered the opportunity to use the comprehensive religious features of this prayer app for their daily praying practices. With this Android app, you can easily plan all the most important daily prayers and remind yourself of their exact starting azan time. Islam is followed by millions of believers. Each follower recognized the role of the holy quran prayers in their lives.

The application contains many additional features, namely:
Determine the direction of Qibla from any place around the world.
– Adkars and Duaas:
Prayer Duaas and adkars of days
-Azan Times.
Salat adan 2022

salat 2021 Adhan Salat is an application specially designed to indicate the times of the Prayer Times (awkat salat Adan) for most cities in the Islamic world
, like Prayer Times,

Salat adan 2021 is an Islamic application with accurate Prayer Times using the phone's location (latitude and longitude) based on different conventions and has static prayer time for those cities which have static time table for prayers.

Salat adan 2022 features:

– Calculate prayer time with high accuracy
– Automatically locate and calculate automatic ear timing
– Indicate the times of the Prayer Times (aw9at salat adan) with precision.
– Make an alert before each Prayer Times or adan salat 2022.
– Select and download the adan Prayer Times of your favorite moaadin.
– Deactivate the sound of Salat adan 2022 ,
– Prayer times allows you to Find Prayer Times Mosques near you with precise Prayer Times location salat 2022.
– A compass is integrated to show you the direction of the Qibla Salat adan.
– Display of salat Times schedules (adan) on the notification bar.
– Monthly calendar with corresponding Hijri date Prayer Times.
– Ability to manually adjust Prayer Times schedules.
– Salat adan offers the different Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Muslim can need in everyday life.
– Automatic display at Salat adan 2022 of the Azkar (alarm clock, morning, evening and Azkars sleep).

Praying five times a day is the major obligation of any Muslim. For this reason, the Prayer Times app is appealing to the target audience of namaz time . The muslim prayer app features have a strong impact on the users intention to utilize this useful praying app effectively. With this application, you'll never miss the morning prayer and get azan notifications.

What's new

- Now you can change the voice of the muezzin
- Salaati has an entirely new look, and brings many new features.
- Bug fixes and application performance