Sati – your awakening path

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Aug 16, 2022
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Begin your meditation journey with Sati. Download the app and use it to work through all aspects of your personality through meditation.

Sati is not just an application, but an advanced course in meditation and mindfulness, combining ancient knowledge and modern science in a simple, clear and aesthetic interface.

The app includes two basic sections:
– path (specially designed step-by-step course);
– practice (for independent / additional meditation).

In the path section, you will receive a new meditation session every day, which consists of:
– theoretical part: information that will help you better understand meditation and make it a habit;
– practical part: the meditation itself is from 7 to 20 minutes, the duration of the practice is gradually increasing;
– integration part: small tasks for observation, which will help to use in real life what you received during practice and smoothly change the work of your mind for the better.

After completing the course, you will continue to receive meditations and advice that will help you on your further path to awakening.

In the practice section, you can:
– to understand what state you are in and choose the necessary practice of cleansing: laziness, anxiety, anger, insecurity, depression, longing desires;
– practice and choose any of the development practices: contentment, concentration, awareness, wisdom, calmness, loving-kindness.

Features of the app:
– a full-fledged sound atmosphere editor, where you can combine and create your own unique soundscapes: from melodies, gong sound power, nature sounds, binaural waves and subliminal affirmations;
– a mindfulness diary where you can keep your notes, supplement them and listen to the theory or go through the session again;
– a section of the profile, where your development in meditations is visually displayed in the form of a flower of life, which becomes more harmonious with each session passed;
– the ability to include an extended practice of meditation for self-control of the time allotted for meditation;
– Integration with Apple HealthKit can be enabled to share lucid minutes with other apps.

Good luck on your journey!

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