Smopet: habit pets on desktop

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Aug 16, 2022
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Smopet is a home screen pet app and habit-forming app. It allows you to choose from various cartoon characters to decorate your home screen and interact with them. Smopet offers various features, such as to-do list, Pomodoro timer, water reminder, etc. Use these features and open home screen pet, Smopet pets will remind you at the right time and help you develop good living habits. Download Smopet now, select the pet you like and have a great time with it every day!

Pet Interactions
-Multiple cute pets: Smopet provides various kinds of cartoon characters for you to choose from. Sweet and cute little princesses, dorky and adorable little boys, soft and fluffy kittens, cool aliens… There is always one that suits you the best~
-Rich and fun interactions: Take a walk, climb the wall, act cute, know cheesy pick-up lines, and have pet skills! Tap and long press the pet on the home screen to interact with it. Add more fun to your life and never get bored anymore~
-Exclusive fingertip effects: Each pet has a unique fingertip effect. Enable fingertip effects and your home screen will become cool and attractive even with a simple swipe of your finger across the screen~
-Constantly updated materials: Pet skins, wallpapers, avatars, dialogue boxes, etc. We will constantly update materials. There is always something new for you!
-Adjust settings freely: You can adjust the size, transparency, and the display position of your pet easily. You can also decide whether to display or hide the pet. When you don’t want to be disturbed, your pet will accompany you quietly.

Habit Formation
-To-do list: Don’t worry about forgetting important things. Add tasks to the to-do list. Smopet pets will remind you!
-Pomodoro timer: Use Pomodoro timer to concentrate better. Customize the length of Pomodoro sessions. Smopet pets will count down the time for you~
-Drinking water reminder: Drinking moderate amounts of water is good for your health. Set the amount of water you need to drink and the reminding time. Smopet pets will remind you to drink water in time. You can check your water drinking history as well~
-Anniversary: Add important dates in the past and future to Smopet. Smopet pets will help you count down to the special day. Never miss an anniversary again!
-More features are constantly being updated!

Use Smopet now! Start every day full of energy!

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