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Aug 12, 2022
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StaffApp is a Free, Forever and easy to use Attendance & Payroll Management App. StaffAPP is the Only App that Provides every World Class Feature for FREE.

Mobile Attendance ??
Employees can mark their attendance via mobile phones. The process is as simple as tapping a button & all the magic happens behind the scenes.

Selfie Attendance
Employees can mark selfie attendance with auto location capture with geotagging in the background. You can also restrict attendance to specific worksite locations with geofencing. Payroll is updated automatically when the attendance gets changed.

Auto Reminders on SMS and Whatsapp
Employees get auto reminders on the app to mark attendance on time. If they miss out, then also they are reminded to regularise their attendance before the payroll time.

India's Most Powerful & Free Payroll Management App features that you can use:
✅ Use StaffApp as a one-stop solution for handling your employees' payroll and attendance.⏳
✅ Use this as a Free Desktop App for managing attendance and payroll online.?
✅ Create and send free SMS and messages through Watsapp to your employees.
✅ You can use StaffApp for generating free reports related to attendance and payroll.✌
✅ StaffApp allows you to take a selfie to mark your attendance.?
✅ You can process unlimited salary payout for your employees without spending money.
✅ StaffApp will take care of your PF, ESI, PT, and TDS compliance.
✅ In StaffApp, you can generate bulk payroll assignments and set attendance rules without any hassle.✌
✅ Print and distribute your employee's payslip using StaffApp.?

Generate & Distribute Salary Slips with Ease. Make Salary Payouts without any Restrictions or Charges every month.

Download StaffApp & Experience Hassle-Free Attendance, Payroll & Salary Management app!

The latest update of this payroll app is the easiest way to manage your employees' hours and calculate their wages. You can auto-deduct leave, advance payments, and early payments, plus calculate pay for per task employees, 1-click payroll processes, and send salaries in just 1-click.

Simplified Attendance Management
StaffApp is a free attendance management app that can be used as a powerful workforce management system. It tracks employees' login-in and log-out times. You can now manage your employees' attendance with the Easiest Employee Management app ! The app also lets them mark their attendance, so you'll get an accurate picture in real-time.

Easy & Powerful Payroll.
StaffApp has been built from scratch to solve recurring hassles of manual attendance, payroll & salary payout management that Indian businesses face. StaffAPP will always be free to use. The interface is simple to use, and it takes less than 5 minutes to get started.

Are you the owner of a company?
You must be ready for real-time monitoring of your business operations on mobile while your employees manage regular business activities.

Are you unsure if StaffApp is right for your company?
Don't worry; businesses from different domains, including IT companies,Startups, SME’s,Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Wholesalers, Medical shops, Jewellery showrooms, Footwear and Clothing companies and many other retailers and distributors are using the StaffApp for effective and efficient Attendance and Payroll management.

Thousands of small companies rely on StaffApp.

We are here to assist you, and you can always contact us for any query or additional information.

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