Total Oil Türkiye

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Jul 31, 2022
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You will enjoy the exclusive advantages of Club TOTAL with the brand new TOTAL fuel stations mobile app. Furthermore, everything you will need about your vehicle is now within easy reach!

– “Club TOTAL” is renewed with many precious advantages and campaigns!

– “My Car” page is designed for your use as an assistant to make your life easier!

– With “Fuel Consumption Analysis” you can analyze your fuel purchases in monthly basis and easily keep track of your fuel consumption!

– “Distance & Fuel Calculator” presents you the greatest assistance on the road!

Highlights; As a member of “Club TOTAL” you can benefit from all the campaigns and advantages immediately, reach your fuel purchases in detail.

You can identify your BKM Express account over “Mobile Payment” page and add your license plate. With the assurance of BKM Express, you can enjoy your mobile payment without leaving your car.

You can personalize your mobile app by adding your own information to “My Profile” page and specific information about your car to “My Car” menu. Therefore, you will be aware of and benefit from the campaigns and other advantages which are specified just for you.

By using “Stations” page, you can reach the closest stations to your location, get directions to your target and filter whole services given at the stations such as market, car wash, food and beverage, etc.

With “Fuel Consumption Analysis” you can save your fuel purchases and view your fuel consumption analysis in monthly basis.

By using “My Car” page, you can create a page for your car and add specific information such as your car brand, model, age, fuel type, transmission type, insurance or maintenance. Moreover, you can set reminders about these important dates and reach your information quickly in case of need.

“Distance & Fuel Calculator” page will help you to plan your travel distance and the amount of fuel that you are going to consume.

You can reach to news and announcements about TOTAL fuel stations through “News & Announcements” page.