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Jul 30, 2022
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Cell phone tracker will help you locate your family members.
You need their consent, as they need to install our app on their phone and enter a unique invitation code after allowing localisation. Person can stop tracking at any time by single click. It helps older people to be in touch with their family members and friends.

This application is for your family members who are old can get lost in cities. Also you can know the battery level on their device and inform them to charge it immediately.

If you are worried about your old parents then being able to track phone number, by giving consent and unique code is very important for some people for their peace of mind.
Ask them to install the application and enter the unique code and you are good to start locating them.

Our english application is free for three days location history and for adding one phone number to track. Paid version gives you option to add more mobile numbers and removes ads within the application.

Once family member gives you invite code you can geolocate the person and protect them using state of the art GPS which acts like locator and tracker by number.

Receive navigation alerts when family member leaves of arrives at place by creating a virtual location radius safety zones like geofencing on the map. ilocatemobile application will share live location by notifications when person enters or leaves the zone on foot, car or by cycle.

Know history of you family members throughout the day or for last three days. Share your location to other family members easily.

It’s a one-way tracking. You can find others, they cannot locate you back. Locator app works for both iOS and Android phones. If you have Android and someone else has iPhone then also you can set tracking with their consent without any issues.

For family member to be tracked (consent is required before tracking) an Invitation code is required which is generated by parent / family members within ilocatemobile app itself.

What's new

- This new release is much faster with accurate location results. Enjoy.
- Thanks for using Family GPS Locator - iLocateMobile! Do email us your issues or any suggestions.