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App is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who needs clear and precise translations into any language.
It’s easy to work with this app due to its simple interface and numerous functions. Try it out and enjoy your foreign language experience.


? Text translation into any languages
? Translation from picture & images
? In-app camera for translation
? Microphone for speech recognition
? Pronunciation of the text
? Offline translator


Simplify your work with huge texts using either a photo/camera translator. Upload the image and it will do the rest for you quickly. If you don’t have an image yet, just open the camera, the text will be scanned automatically, and you will get a full. Try this function, and you will be satisfied with the results and quality!
Imagine you being lost in a foreign country without knowing a language. It’s not too much of a problem! Use an audio translator to communicate with the locals. Turn on the microphone and speak into it to find out the information you need. This app supports all the languages, so it may be helpful in many situations.
It’s also possible to simply type the text in the language translator and it quickly with high accuracy. You can utilize the tool of text pronunciation to hear how the word sounds. Use this brilliant app to make learning languages or working with them a more pleasant and satisfying activity.


? talking people who start learning languages
? advanced learners who may forget some collocations or words
? travelers who get to know other cultures better through their language
? music listeners who want to understand the meaning of their favorite songs
? people who work in international companies
? anyone interested in languages

✅ Don’t waste your time searching for a word in the paper dictionaries. Use Voice TranslatoR for free and achieve high results in efficiency by reducing the time spent on routine tasks!