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Aug 13, 2022
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Wakatoon is the app that automagically transforms you children’s colorings and drawings into animated films! 

Welcome to the club: more than 300.000 families have already downloaded this app.

What parents love with Wakatoon is that this activity seamlessly reduces their screen time while fosters their creativity.
What kids love with Wakatoon is that they will make their own cartoon.

But How is that possible?

It’s quite simple:

1 – CHOOSE A STORY : First, your kid chooses one of the cartoons available in our catalogue. Various themes. Suitable for 3 to 10 year-old children.

2 – COLOR/DRAW : On a sheet of paper, your kid will spend from 10 to 30 minutes coloring in or drawing the first key elements of the story
. Crayons, paint, play-dough, macaroni, glitter… the options are endless!

3 – SCAN : Once your kid is done with their drawing, snap a picture of their artwork with the Wakatoon app.

4 – PERSONALISED CARTOON : The drawing instantly become part of a cartoon episode, like magic! Repeat with the each episodes to build a 5-to-10-minutes animation film.

Finally Enjoy a great family moment watching your kid’s masterpiece. 
Using the SHARE button, easily send the film to grandmother and grandfather 😉

What's new

We're launching a new offer: monthly subscription for an unlimited access to a very new type of customizable cartoons. This offer is only available in some countries for the moment. Install this version and see if it's already available in your country ;-)