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Aug 9, 2022
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XLKash is an online lending app powered by XLKASH LENDING CORP. SEC Registration No. CS201917309. CA No. 3136.We strive to provide better loan services for Filipinos. Before making a loan transaction, please read and review the terms and conditions in the disclosure statement.

Loan period: 126days-360days
Loanable amount: P4000-P50,000
Annual interest rate (APR): up to 32%
For example,
loan amount: P4000
Loan term: 126 days
Daily interest rate:0.08%=32%/360
The interest fee is P448= P4000*(32%/360)*126
LoanAlley clients are provided with flexible loan terms where they can choose in accordance with their needs. Repayment of the loan can be made in scheduled installments.
If you pay on time, your monthly repayment is P2073.88,
Total repayment for 126days is P4216.89=P4000+P448(interest fee)

Apply for loans on your preferred terms with affordable rates. Apply through our secure and easy-to-use app and get your loan decision in seconds. Enjoy flexible repayment and receive your loan within 24 hours through your preferred channel. Repay and grow your credit limits fast. Unlike traditional lending, we provide fast and easy cash loan services. When you need urgent cash or additional fund, remember, XLKash Lending will always be there for you, and we aim to provide the best installment loan experience.

How does it work?
-Filipinos age 18 and above

What are the requirements for the application?
-Valid Government ID

Find XLKash Lending on GooglePlay Store
-Download and register with your phone number
-provide your information
-expect loan application processed in as fast as 30 minutes
-choose from several channel for disbursement

Borrow money with our XLKash Lending – Your to-go loan app in the Philippines!
XLKash Lending App provides instant personal loan. Our Fast cash app offers you loan in as fast as 30 minutes. Only 1 valid ID is needed. XLKash Lending online loan app is a modern way of cash lending in the Philippines with fully automated features. XLKash Lending loan online provides you a quick loan approval and strive to be the best loan app in the Philippine market.
The loan application process is completely digital and hassle-free, you can apply when you are at home, at the office, or even commuting. Use XLKash Lending now to fulfill your emergency cash needs like shopping, travel, education, medical expenses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit http://xlkashlending.com/
Customer Care: [email protected]
Address: 19B East Wing, 19th Floor, Octagon Center, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio,Pasig City

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Borrow money with XLKash Lending app, your to-go loan app in the Philippines!