Текстовый квест “Некрополис”

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Nov 22, 2023
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Necropolis – the first interactive book or quest game about a zombie apocalypse of our cycle. By creating it, we tried to douse the protagonist in the real conditions which would have had to face many millions of ordinary citizens of the metropolis. Note fanfare – that the protagonist will be you! It is you – the concrete, you live rather than abstract painted uncle or aunt. You, with your skills, smooth or not very hands cockroaches in my head and my fridge. The volume of your biceps will decide whether you can defend from zombies or become a pleasant appetizer, the speed of your feet will answer the question, run so far, or be eaten? Or the amount of other stuff will tell you an entirely new solution to the problem? Here it is all about is you. You take the decisions that will affect your life and the lives of your family, and you take responsibility for them … We have tried to bring you into this world, but to pass it you will own. Good luck to you! She'll need …
P.S. Yes, and we recommend all the same you do not disable the music – it helps to penetrate 🙂

Your hero – is yourself;
full female line;
branched plot;
realistic world.