Zumarble Shooter Puzzle:Deluxe

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Game Description:

Zumarble Shooter is a puzzle entertainment game with the mysterious color of Egypt. The beautiful painting style and interesting game content will bring you to a fantastic Egyptian world. Come and join me on this wonderful journey.


? Suitable for any age

? Simple operation

? Exciting rhythm

? The best choice for boredom

? Rich game content

? Exquisite painting style

How to play:

✨ After the game starts, the stone ball will roll out of an exit.

✨ The stone ball rolling out of the exit will follow the road in the screen.

✨ When the stone ball from the exit rolls along the road to the hole at the end of the road, the game ends.

✨ You can use the battery to launch stone balls to eliminate stone balls of the same color in the road.

✨ When the stone balls fired from the fort and the stone balls of the same color in the road meet 3 or more stone balls, they will be eliminated.

✨ Eliminate all stone balls before they enter the hole at the end of the road. Win the game.