Bricks Ball Journey

Welcome to "Bricks Ball Journey"! Bricks Ball Journey is a globally popular classic brick-breaking game.
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Dec 6, 2023
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Welcome to "Bricks Ball Journey"! Bricks Ball Journey is a globally popular classic brick-breaking game.

As one of the top brick-breaking games in the world, Bricks Ball Journey will bring you endless fun. The game features tens of thousands of carefully designed levels and over 200 types of skill blocks and balls for you to explore. There are also various challenge modes, such as "Adventure Mode." What are you waiting for? Try using powerful skill balls to aim and smash the bricks, and experience the magical world of elimination.

While playing Bricks Ball Journey, you can unlock different landscapes and theme pictures from around the world by clearing levels. You can also decorate all the scenes according to your preferences.

If you need a casual game to pass the time and relieve stress, come to Bricks Ball Journey to eliminate worries and create happiness!

Introduction to Normal Mode:

The ball will fly in any direction when touched.
Find the best position and angle to hit each brick.
Complete the objectives by breaking the bricks on the screen.
When breaking bricks, make sure they don't touch the bottom.

Adventure Mode Introduction:
In the fun and challenging rescue-themed mode, the character is trapped, and you need to collect items to help them escape. Don't worry, because we have many skill balls and props to help you overcome obstacles and complete difficult levels. Try different shooting techniques and strategies to break the bricks quickly and help the character escape.


Free to play
10,000+ levels
Excellent physics gameplay experience
Over 200 types of skill balls and blocks
Over 100 scenes and theme pictures
Supports offline (no internet required) gameplay
Supports multiplayer
Supports achievements and leaderboards
Supports subscriptions

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