Queen’s Castle : Merge & Story

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Welcome to Queen's Castle! ?
A fire broke out in the beautiful royal castle with a long tradition! Help Queen Victoria find the arsonist and uncover the mystery of the missing king! Witness the restoration process of the queen's castle with her unique companions!

Craft various dishes and tools ?
Create a variety of items, including tools for castle reconstruction and dishes for the castle residents. As you progress in the game, you'll have access to more diverse tools and dishes!

Castle Reconstruction ?
Join in rebuilding the queen's castle! With furniture and items reflecting the queen's elegant taste, the castle will be reborn with a more splendid appearance!

Exciting Story ?
Meet the unique characters residing in the castle, such as butlers, maids, guards, and chefs, and listen to their stories! Enjoy a never-ending journey of entertaining and touching stories.

Hidden Secrets ?
Who was responsible for the castle fire that night? Why did it happen? Where did the missing father suddenly disappear to? With clues found while crafting, you will unravel the hidden secrets of the castle!

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