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Oct 27, 2023
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Unite with the tribes in the primitive stone age! Epic prehistoric lands are rich in resources and full of ancient animals waiting to be explored and conquered. Trust your instincts when establishing relationships with rival chieftains, lead your troops and tribe to defeat the most dangerous rivals, hunt ancient animals to turn them into living proof of your strength!

★★ Stone age mobile strategy. Explore continents with players around the world! ★★
☆ Hunt ancient beasts, experience the frenzy of primeval hunting!
☆ Gather resources, team up with other leaders, build your tribe!
☆ Build alliances, loot, expand and capture. Increase your power and influence with the help of strong allies, be ready to fight with the most worthy leaders!
☆ Diplomacy or domination? Trust your instincts, only the bravest and most resourceful will dominate the continent!

★★ Game Features ★★
☆☆ Real-time strategic rallying
Organize your tribal comrades, tame an ancient beast, awaken your leadership, and lead warriors and allies to the greatness of an all-powerful leader!
☆☆ HD Unity3D game engine. Great graphics
Panoramic map zoom. Players can fully view each piece of the map.
☆☆ Global server. Players from all over the world are fighting for ancient relics in pursuit of the glory of the great leader!
Capture arcane relics and treasures of infinite wealth. Whether you come from the great eastern lands or the vast west, join the tribe and try your hand at the wildest and most exciting battles!
☆☆ Violent clashes between ancient creatures and primitive warriors. Dinosaurs, warriors and savages are waiting for your commands!
✔ Barbarians, the pride of the tribe with bloodlust instincts, bravely take the blows of even the ferocious Tamers!
✔ Hunters are indispensable on the battlefield, able to deal high damage with great accuracy and agility!
✔ Vicious dinosaur riders will unleash death on their enemies with primitive axes and arrows!
✔ Ancient Tamers are able to tame any primitive monster: from small boars, giant mammoths to triceratops and other prehistoric animals – everything is at your disposal!

Chief Almighty Studio
Official support mail: [email protected]
Official fan page of Vkontakte: https://vk.com/chiefalmightyru
Official fan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ru.ChiefAlmighty
Customer Service – Secretary (Secretary is always there)

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Хэллоуин: В поисках сокровищ

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Обновленный пользовательский интерфейс – теперь все по-другому!

Лесная и осенняя резиденции
Рамка аватара, стиль сообщений и именная табличка Кошмары Хэллоуина

Оптимизация и исправления:

1. Добавлена функция восполнения нужного количества ресурсов во время тренировки воинов в случае нехватки.
2. Оптимизированы подсказки при использовании опыта Зверя и опыта навыков Зверя в один клик.

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