常識力診断 一般常識クイズ – 常識人なら当然全問正解!

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Nov 22, 2023
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Q. What is the theatrical movie with the highest box office revenue in Japan?
Q. A “non-profit organization” is an organization that is not for profit. what is this abbreviation?
Q. What is the story that is said to be the oldest in Japan and is known today under the title "Kaguya-hime"? etc…

The questions are kanji, four-letter idioms, proverbs, sports, music, geography, arithmetic, entertainment, culture, and more!
How many questions can you solve with less physical strength?
If you can answer 50 questions in a row, your general knowledge is perfect! ?
Aim! 50 consecutive answers!
Over 500 general knowledge questions. I understand your common sense.
Useful for job hunting measures, study breaks, brain training, storytelling, trivia, brain exercises, and more!

This game app is free to play.

Why not test your common sense skills with this game? Test your knowledge level while learning with fun quizzes.
It is a quiz app that anyone can easily enjoy. Challenge yourself with questions from a wide range of genres and hone your knowledge.
It is a quiz app with a wide range of questions from knowledge useful in everyday life to world history and culture. Play alone or compete with friends. Please download it and test your common sense.
This is a quiz app where you can learn not only what you know, but also what you didn't know. Challenge yourself with interesting problems and feel yourself grow.
It is a quiz app that you can enjoy in a little gap time such as commuting and break time. In addition to deepening your knowledge, you can also expect a brain training effect. Please download it and improve your common sense.

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Q. What was the last name of the character DIO in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" when he was a human?
Q. What is the name of the writer who represents the 19th century Russian novels famous for "Crime and Punishment" and "The Idiot"?
Q.Which island is the southernmost island in Japan?
Q. What is the award given to people who have contributed through architecture, called the "Nobel Prize of the architecture world"?
Q. What is the stationery called "fountain pen" in English?
Q. What do you call the thickened part of the needle hole used in sewing and the edge of bread?
Q. What is the young word "itameshi"?
Q. What month of the year is Ramadan, the month in which Muslims fast?
Q.What is the largest lake in Japan?
Q. What is the name of the writer who wrote "Maihime" and "Vita Sexualis"?
Q. Who wrote "Yamanashi", "The Restaurant of Many Orders", and "Gauche the Cellist"?
Q.What do you call the phenomenon that when the sound source approaches, it sounds high and when it moves away, it sounds low?
Q. Which of the following is true about the two major political parties in America?
Q. What does "Danke" in German and "Merci" in French mean?
Q. What is the name of the writer who wrote "I am a cat", "Botchan", and "Kokoro"?
Q. What is the flower language of red roses?
Q. The meaning of beautiful natural scenery in the four seasons is “Otsukibana”. What's inside the 〇?
Q. What is the name of the Italian Renaissance artist who left works such as "David", "Pieta", and "Last Judgment"?
Q. Where is the capital of China?
Q. Which term in microbiology describes the elimination of microorganisms and viruses present in an object?
Q.What is the unit of frequency used to express the number of CPU clocks and audio sampling frequency?
Q. What kind of bird is said to be a "symbol of peace" and is also used as a carrier for correspondence?
Q. Who was the central figure in the Western army at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 AD?
Q. "Spinach", which represents the basics of business, is "report", "contact", and what initials of words?
Q. What is WBC, the national competition that decides the best baseball player in the world?
Q. What is the title of the record Gian has released in the manga "Doraemon"?
Q. What kind of fish is essential for Nagoya's famous hitsumabushi?
Q. In the fairy tale "Momotaro", what animal was the first servant of Momotaro?
Q. What is the surname common to actors Noboru, Ken, and Takatoshi?
Q. In Japanese dialect, what does the word "gradually, nife-devil" or "big-ni" mean?
Q. What do you mean by "directing a movie" by using something the director has in his hand?
Q. "What a shame! Even my father never hit me!" Who said this famous line?
Q. What do you call the sand smoothing used for baseball field maintenance because it resembles a certain insect?
Q. In general, what kind of ball game tournament does "Summer Koshien" refer to?
Q. "Questionnaire targeting women in their teens." How to write taisho in correct kanji?
Q. Speaking of sashisuseso, the basic seasoning for Japanese cuisine, what are the sugar, salt, vinegar, and soy sauce?
Q. Who played the main character Torajiro Kuruma in the movie "It's Tough Being a Man"?
Q. Speaking of "Flat Coated", "Labrador" and "Golden", what are these popular dog breeds?
Q.Which game genre is most suitable for Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Moji Pittan, etc.?
Q. What is the onomatopoeic word used to describe the sound of pressing a button to purchase a product through a mail-order service such as Amazon?
Q. "Spinach", which represents the basics of business, is "report", "contact", and what initials of words?
Q.What are the types of stationery such as paste, sand, Kinnikuman, and plastic?
Q. What is the number unit that represents 1000 times "giga"?
Q. What is the American Presidential Palace designed by James Hoburn called?
Q. Who is the female wrestler who retired in January 2019 and set the world record for 13 consecutive tournaments?
Q.Are there any quartet artists whose members all graduated from dental school?
Q. In 1985, who was the male singer who made a big hit with "We're going to Tokyo?"
Q. What do you call a sudden and startled appearance?
Q.In terms of digits, the top of "hundred million" is "trillion." Which is the top of "trillion"?
Q. Speaking of Slam Dunk, what kind of sport is the manga based on?
Q.What do Maritime Self-Defense Force ship crew members eat every Friday to keep track of the days of the week?
Q. In baseball, when you say "6-4-3 double play", what position did you first catch the ball?
Q.What kind of watch does "watch" mean in English?
Q. Who among the following does not know Conan's true identity in the anime Detective Conan?
Q. What do you call the US President Franklin Roosevelt's response to the Great Depression?
Q. What is the name of the cast played by Harrison Ford in the movie Star Wars?
Q. What is the German word for the baton used by an orchestra conductor?
Q. What do you call a person who has chloroplasts and makes organic matter by himself in the biological world?
Q. What is the representative work of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, which depicts a man standing on a bridge covering his ears?
Q. What do you call a French appetizer?
Q.What is the reagent mainly used for detecting "iodine solution" in junior high school science experiments?
Q. Where is the TV station that broadcasts "24-hour TV" every summer?
Q. What school does Ryoma, the protagonist of the manga The Prince of Tennis, attend?
Q. What is Ernest Hemingway's novel that depicts a lonely and fierce battle with Marlin?
Q. On the night of Setsubun, what is the name of the rolled sushi that you nibble on while closing your eyes and making a wish?
Q. Who advocated the theory of evolution in the book "Origin of Species"?
Q. What is the name of the roshi association established in Nagasaki by Ryoma Sakamoto and others at the end of the Edo period?
Q. What is the formula for calculating the area of ​​a circle?
Q. Speaking of "Hodo Station" and "Music Station", which TV station broadcasts these programs?
Q. Suzu's name line, the main character of the drama "Ienakiko", "I don't need sympathy. If you sympathize."
Q. What is the single letter of the alphabet that indicates the degree of progress of tooth decay at the dentist?
Q. How did the nursery rhyme "Nanatsu no Ko" begin?
Q.Who is the celebrity who made a big break with the final line when he left, "Abayo!"?
Q. What Chinese dishes are characterized by spicy seasoning using chili peppers, such as mapo tofu and tantanmen?
Q. What about the comedy duo of Masayasu Wakabayashi and Toshiaki Kasuga, who have a style called "dame tsukkomi"?
Q.Are there types such as "round bottoms" and "scalpels" for laboratory instruments used in chemistry?
Q. What kind of vegetables are the "cole" of coleslaw salad and the "choux" of cream puffs together?
Q.How many years is compulsory education in Japan?
Q. What is the name of the room at school where health consultations and minor injuries are treated?
Q.Which prefecture is Hanshin Koshien Stadium located in?
Q. Speaking of home appliances that can be divided into dry and steam?

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