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Tiring~!? Welcome! ?️

Welcome to Korea's first malatang simulation game [Growing Malatang]. (ว˙∇˙)ง
An idle clicker game that boasts a spicy and addictive experience that you won't be able to escape once you try it!
Use fresh ingredients~ spicy and put it in a nice bowl to make malatang. !


? Choose from over 20 different ingredients, including bean sprouts, bok choy, various mushrooms, and Chinese vermicelli, and raise the price per tap.

? You can earn profit per second by upgrading the spiciness level.

? If you strengthen your bowl, you can level up faster.

? Receive a buff by ordering sides such as tanghulu, menbosha, and kkoobarou.

? Whenever you complete various missions, you will receive delicious rewards such as gold, rubies, and coupons.

? Recruit quick servers and chefs to grow efficiently.

? Make your own marathon in even more special places: under the sea or in a movie theater.

? Let’s become a famous Malatang restaurant by receiving customers and delivering food ourselves.


? A promise to users who enjoy growing Malatang ?

1) Do not neglect game management.
We will continue to develop the game through ongoing management and modifications.

2) Communication is important.
We will always strive to actively reflect the opinions of our users.

3) Do not forget the essence of the game.
We will not forget our duties and repay you with fun games.

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