100 Doors: Scary Horror Escape

Can you pass through the 100 doors alive?
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Dec 5, 2023
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Can you pass through the 100 doors alive?

Joining 100 Doors: Scary Horror Escape where you can experience the most petrifying escape challenge of your life! Get ready to feel the real horror and goosebumps, open all doors and find the way out of this nightmare.
But remember to look around! Who knows what’s hiding in the dark…

The end objective of this game is to get through all 100 doors without being killed by the entities. Find the next door, escape the thrilling maze filled with terrifying entities, use the button to run, crouch and collect keys, coins & useful tools. Your life skills, bravery and reflexes will be tested through endless runs. Use each death as a lesson!

💀 How to play
– Use buttons/joysticks to move around and run
– Drag on the screen to find the best angle and find the next door as fast as possible
– Crouch to avoid obstacles that get in the way

💀 Feature
– 100 scary locked doors
– Horror atmosphere and frightening sounds
– New secret mechanics
– Various puzzles and riddles
– Useful tips and hints
– Horrifying entities along the way

Are you gonna stay in this scary 100-door trap forever? Don’t be afraid, come in…Download 100 Doors: Scary Horror Escape and find out now!

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