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2D Battle Simulator is an accurate simulator of battles! In this game you can play through all 100 of the campaign levels! Or if you want a challenge you can try zombie mode and see how far you can get! And if you just want to mess around with the totally accurate units from all the faction tabs you can play in sandbox mode!

This game was inspired by a really cool game where you can simulate totally accurate battles!(it was made by cool guys that really like tabs)

Think about your totally accurate battle simulator strategy, pick your units, strategically place them and watch as they battle!

Complete levels or play together on one smartphone in real time!
Play with your friends !!! If you have them…
If you have no friends you can play with yourself in a variety of modes:

Totally Accurate FEATURES:
– Ability to use a huge number of units
– Multiple faction tabs with lots of interesting units
– Play together on the same smartphone without using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
– Very simple graphics don't overload the device!
– Dumb troops for the totally accurate simulation of battles!
– Simple sounds and some absolutely great background music…

If for some reason you feel bored playing…
– Turn off your mobile phone and take a walk, it really helps!
– Take time for your family, take out the trash, clean the room.
– Join the 2D battle simulator discord server.
– If all else fails, you can buy “disable ads" in the application, you will have a little less money and you will feel sweet relief knowing that you just spent money on a mobile game! (Rest assured, your money will not be spent on coffee, I don't drink coffee)
*These instructions can be used to treat boredom*

Any ideas? New types of troops in each update! Leave a review, report a bug, or tell us about your ideas and maybe they will be added next!