Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG

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Oct 26, 2023
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[Final weapon Alice Synopsis]
Dr. K, who researched Artificial Biotech for his badly injured daughter, got attacked by an armed force called 'LB corporation.' LB corporation blows up Dr. K's lab, leading to a biomatter leak. Leaked biomatter starts to mutate the organism into monsters. After an emergency Artificial bio treatment, Dr. K's daughter Alice held a weapon and tried to protect loved ones from the monster.

[Game introduction]

– I am the only one! Adorable costumes!
◇ Alice like to dress well even tho she is a warrior! With a pretty and cool costume, make your character!

– No for the boring idle! Dodge & Attack, fun interception battle!
◇ No more just watching Idle! At 1v1, battle with the giant boss, avoid patterns, and get fantastic items!

– Today is my day! The fun of getting the unique item at Boss farming!
◇ What's for today? A diablo-like farming system will give you various joys of farming!

– Trial makes me strong! Various types of enhanced content!
◇ With Non-stop enhancement systems, break through the stage until you stop!

In some LTE environments, game play may not be smooth.

What's new

Ver 1.4.1
- Added clan boss battle skip function
- Added guide quest (join clan)
- Changed clan membership restrictions
- Changed level-up event method
- Fixed combat power display error when changing preset
- Fixed an error where the clan notification icon was still displayed
- Fixed an error when going to the drone screen after creating or joining a clan.