Varies with device
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Aug 3, 2022
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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– Library selection screen
– Category oriented browsing in your library
– Easy browsing of all eMagazines in your library
– Text search with auto-completion
– Clear structured result lists
– Wide array of filter options for all search results and lists
– Detailed overview for all titles with additional preview option
– Lending and download options for available eBooks and eMagazines
– Lending and streaming options for available eAudio and eMusic titles
– Download option for eAudio and eMusic titles
– Reservations for non-available titles
– Overview for all lent, reserved and downloaded titles
– Wishlist feature
– Integrated eBook reader
– Optimized for all smartphone- and tablet sizes
– Offline reading feature
– Offline player feature
– Expired titles are automatically returned
– Downloaded eBooks and eMagazines can be returned early
– Supports over 2.900 libraries

The Onleihe – the free of charge service of your library now as an app, supports over 2.900 libraries.

With this app you’ll always have your library with you. Browse the collection of your library and lent eBooks and eMagazine on the fly or from your home directly with your smartphone or tablet. You can also lent eAudio and eMusic titles, listen to them via streaming or download them directly onto your device. Following the same principle as the web-based Onleihe, the lent titles can be consumed free of charge for a certain set amount of time. Afterwards the titles will automatically be returned to the library.

You can search directly throughout the app or browse the collection of your library through different categories and eMagazines. On first sight, you’ll see if a title is available and you can alter your search results with an wide array of different filter or sort options.

The detailed view of a certain title will give you all the information you seek, from the name of the book, the author, to the series name, length and much more. If a title is temporary not available you can also reserve it. As soon as the title is then available for you, you will get an e-mail notification to the address you specified. Your reservations are easily accessible with an overview and you can directly lent the titles if they are available. Should you no longer need an ongoing reservation or if you do need to change the address, you are able to edit or delete your reservations.

At any given time you can access your overview of your lent titles. At the moment you are able to lent, read or listen to eBooks, eMagazines, eAudios and eMusic titles.

To access the service of the Onleihe, you need to be an active member of a library who is part of the Onleihe system. Username and login credentials are provided by your library. Should you already use the Onleihe via the web-browser you can use the exact same login credentials to access the app.

You are able to directly load and read all eBooks and eMagazines which you have lent beforehand. You are also free use a different external DRM able eBook reader. eAudio and eMusic titles can be streamed directly via the in app player, or you can chose to download the titles and listen to them later on, even offline. This also needs to be done directly via the in app player.

What's new

• Integration of the completely revised web reader technology
• Alignment design and function as the Onleihe:Reader
• Improved performance and features (e.g. Open Dyslexic Font, Magazine Mode)
• Fixed an issue that lead to filters not locking properly
• Fixed an issue where reading samples could crash