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There he was, fixing a plate of food for the female who is carrying his pup in her belly.
I couldn't stand to go to the pack barbecues anymore, not when I was forced to witness something so heinous; The person I'm meant to be with, tending to another she-wolf, one who had his future growing inside of her.
My heart constricted as I peered out the sheer curtain of my bedroom window, watching as he attempted to make her feel at home. The looks other members were giving her was the only thing that brought me a sense of satisfaction.
The Alpha and Luna understood my need to stay away, they allowed it.
Everyone knew about us.
Everyone knew he was mine and I was his. They knew who the pregnant female was to him too
She had been a one night stand gone wrong.
It was embarrassing at first. The night he arrived home with her in tow, the pack assumed she was his mate. Never paying her any mind, I had been too enthralled with how his scent called to me, so I approached him. I claimed him as my mate in words alone, and the small crowd erupted into cheers.
The daughter of the Beta and the Alpha's first born, we were family friends since the beginning of time. I could only discover he was mine once I went through my first shift, a night that still haunts my memories to this day.
We would make strong pups, they all said.
Then I noticed the blonde female, standing on the other side of his vehicle. She pursed her lips, her eyes becoming glassy with unshed tears. I knew right then that something was amiss.
Realization set in, my face morphing into shock.
He closed his eyes as his head hung in shame, feeling that wave of guilt coursing through his system.
Manning up, he explained the situation to the pack, but not before we had a private conversation in the driveway. That conversation left me broken, shattered, lying on the gravel driveway as he made his way inside to check on her.
He has a responsibility to do the right thing now, and I'm the one who has to suffer.
I continued to watch as he set her plate down in front of her, her brown eyes squinting as she smiled up at him with happiness. He returned the smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.
I know him. Ever since I was a baby, I've known him. That wasn't his happy smile.
That could have been me down there, eating with him.
If he had never gone to our northern allying pack this summer to train, it would be me down there with him.
He's the Alphas first born son, the future Alpha.
Every future alpha is expected to spend their summer at a different allying pack to train with the other warriors and Alphas. They do this to become a strong leader and learn all the different methods there are to being a warrior, making them a supreme Alpha.
He began leaving for the summer when he was eighteen, a year after his first shift. Future Alpha's spend their first year training with their own pack, learning from their own Alpha. This was his third year of training.