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Looking for a work shift management application?
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Aug 16, 2022
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Looking for a work shift management application?
You've come to the right place! 😀

▶ Customize your calendar according to shifts

▶ Customize alarms for shifts

▶ Manage attendance and check weekly working hours

▶ Calculate hourly pay and overtime pay

▶ Sync with Google/Samsung calendars


▶Backup and share shift tables
■ Manage work shifts conveniently
You can easily create pattern shift tables (e.g. 3 teams 2 shifts, 4 teams 3 shifts) and custom shift tables.

■ Check coworkers' shifts
View your coworkers' shift schedules and other companies' shift tables

■ You can be on time! Customize alarms for your shifts.

■ Sync with Google/Samsung calendars
Manage all the schedules and memos registered in your calendar

■ View shift summaries
View all the information you need for your shifts (e.g. working hours, monthly salary, other income, overtime, holidays, attendance, annual leave, etc.) all at once!

■ Use all the features you need for your shift planner
Set up lunar calendar, public holidays, and shift postponement

■ Please feel free to contact us!
Suggest us any features you need, notify us of errors, send us a request to add shifts, etc. Please contact us via [email protected] or Live Chat.

Today's Shift provides various shift tables.

3 teams 1 shift, 3 teams 2 shifts, 3 teams 3 shifts
4 teams 3 shifts, 4 teams 2 shifts

Use Today's Shift and save your time managing your shift schedule!

What's new

- Bug fixes and improvements