Simple and easy to use, but powerful handwriting note application.
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Aug 14, 2022
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Simple and easy to use, but powerful handwriting note application.
Not only local personal writing, but also multiple people in different places while video calling, while drawing your ideas to your friends in real time.
Write the feeling of paper on the screen, and discard the paper notes from now on.
Rich and comprehensive functions, high degree of user customization, infinite notes, ordinary notes, PDF notes, hand accounts, etc.

* Imitation writing is reflected, smooth and natural. Provide pen, highlighter, brush effect
* Support pictures, texts, pdfs and other materials
* Support double open notes in the software, double open the same note
* PenBox, collect you favor pen and tools
* Zoom writing function
* Support bookmarks, hyperlinks to note any content
* Import PDF, annotate learning on PDF, support PDF content text search, select text for translation
* Support various third-party PDF templates, hand accounts, and hyperlinks
* Infinite boundaries of paper, wherever you think about it, where you write, no longer limited to the world of A4 paper
* Support various paper size pages, and you can also modify the page size by yourself
* Support recording inserted into any position of notes
* Collection sticker function
* Various two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics can be drawn arbitrarily, and the graphics can be automatically recognized when the last point is written, straight lines
* The paper can be horizontal, formatted, small dots, Cornell notes can be set, and any paper color can be set, and the background paper can be self-made
* Screenshots can be inserted into the notes at any time, and switch entries can be added in the status bar shortcut switch
* Block erase or select erase, more convenient erasing and writing
* You can share your thoughts in the form of pictures, PDF, etc., and take notes to friends
* Support WebDAV network disk, Dropbox, HUAWEI cloud disk synchronization

What's new

1. New UI style, support 7 theme color switching
2. Support tabs to display multiple notes
3. Add a tree display folder in the Bookshelf
4. The new pen case supports collection of eraser, graphics and other tools
5. The pen toolbar can be hidden