Ant Legion: For The Swarm

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Nov 1, 2023
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—— Ant Legion – Rules of underground survival ——

[High quality graphics, realistic ant world simulation]
Exclusively from the world famous natural science photography website
Collect thousands of global ant photography with high definition
When participating, you can also learn scientific knowledge about nature

[Building a lair, long ants are also full of nests]
Digging ants open all the way! Different gameplay, rich features!
Participated in person by a famous architect of nature
Plan the ant lair in an orderly manner, creating a magnificent "underground palace"!

[Incubate eggs to hatch a giant ant colony, build a strong army]
A special species of ant that is distributed throughout the real world, now appears in the Ant Legion!
From a tiny egg, randomly spawn special ants with different attributes and powers!
Train them into a powerful fighting force, dominate the legion, champion the expedition, destroy the enemy!

[Scramble for resources day and night non-stop]
Find water, transport food, store food every day for the growth of ants!
Kill arch-enemies, scout out for a picnic, get loot from the enemy.

[Alliance is companion, unity is strength]
Do not touch me! We are small but we are many
Support legions, build mighty alliances!
Where there is unity, there is victory!
The corresponding copper, the corresponding gas!

[Scramble to the last tree!]
Lead your ant clan to become the strongest ant army in the territory!
Invincible in the cruelty of natural selection!