Anti-terrorist Squad FPS Games

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Nov 22, 2023
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Special anti-terrorist ops mission is an FPS action games of 2019 with goal to destroy all the enemy camps so they can never come back to harm your country in gun games. You will be using most advance weapons of gan games, air support and a team of commandos to achieve your goal of offline gan games. These anti-terrorist commandos are special trained terrorist killer and they can easily slip in enemy camps and destroy them.

3d environment in industrial zone, desert army and commando base camp
Thrilling game sound
Amazing animations of bullets
Multiple modern weapons like ak47, scar L, M4, M5, shotgun and sniper etc
Amazing counter terrorist attack skills and missions
Thrilling jungle commando missions with assault rifles and modern snipers
Special ops assistance with commando forces
This #1 offline action game in counter terrorist fps action games category. Today’s world is facing huge loss from gangsters and terrorists shooters, so, in this first person shooter game you will have to save your country people from terrorists and gangsters with gun games modern weapons like ak-47 and sniper rifles of gan games. Become the part of delta force in destroying enemy base camps in this game offline gun shooter.
Be ready always to defend your country in this game offline terbaik from the terrorists. Use all your fighting and shooting skills to defend your country people from these ruthless people and terrorists. These people will not hesitate to destroy your country. In this action free game you will be equipped with all the modern weapons so be prepared for any combat against these gangsters and terrorists.
Remember that you are country’s first line defence in this free fps game with assault with most powerful weaponry to defend. Get this good offline games play and experience the most iconic battle against terrorists assisted with special ops forces. If you go down it will be tough for us to win this war against terrorists so be a sniper and shot your target in heavy traffic like a pro. Be the best us hunter of these gangsters in this best 3d shooting game.
For the fans of good offline games where they can experience the fps actions in best commando games category of gun games. If you love action games where you can try advance weapons in real battle field against terrorists in this action adventure game is totally for you.
In this adventure games offline free there are different modes to progress as a special ops commando. The best way to progress and complete the offline shooter game is by choosing easy to hard missions and destroy all enemy. Get now this non stop action games play and show your word war action skills as an offline shooter commando.
Game Modes:
Anti Terrorist missions
Raid operation against gangsters in industrial area
Special forces operation against city gangsters
Open world survival
This is an offline action combat game for the army action games lovers. You are now member of counter terrorist elite force squad and your mission is to eliminate the gangsters and terrorists from your country. You are choosing now the critical army operations and raids in this swat shooter game of action game category.