Auto Simulator LX City Driving

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Nov 2, 2023
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Grand auto city drive simulator of driving in the criminaml Rest-City that lives its own life with cars traffic and walked people.
Your auto is a offroad LX 570 series, play the game to improve it.

Once you find yourself on one of the streets of a city in the style of america 50s, you can do action whatever you want! Explore the small silent town of Rest City, look around carefully – in the yards and alleys you can find moneys, as well as rare gold parts and locked tuning items.

Free driving around the American Rest city in a mobile game – you have to drive a offroad vehicle, will you follow the rules of road driving? or driving on sidewalks, hitting pedestrians and leaving dents in your car? Your modern auto can be improved and tuned, and for this you need to collect money in the city – improve the engine and increase speed, make a low suspension and change the color of the vehicle body. Find also rare spare parts and tuning elements for your auto in this city driving simulator.

Other game features:
– A detailed theft town: Rest City.
– Simulator of a thief dude (or tough girl) – depending on who you choose.
– Free driving around the city on a stock japan auto – are you ready to pump this car to the fullest?
– You can get out of the car to walk around the criminal city.
– Realistic drive simulator of traffic rules DMV, with a change of camera view. Can you drive a car according to the traffic rules and not lose your driver license?
– Auto traffic and walk citizens on the town streets.
– Your own car-workshop, where you can improve and tune your tinted Lexus LX SUV – change wheels, repaint in a different color, change the suspension.
– Click on the key fob if you have lost your offroad car.

Become a real criminal and car thief!
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