Baby Kara Fun Activities

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Mar 21, 2023
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It's time for you to play the parent role and this baby game is just the perfect occasion to learn how to take care of a little girl. Kara is your responsibility and you going through some fun activities with her to see how a normal day is for a busy mom. You will start with brushing her teeth because we would like to keep them cleaned and healthy. Put on the toothpaste and brush them well. Get done with the first level of this girl game and move to the following ones. Now, you will go into the bathing part to make sure the girl is clean and all washed out. Use the shampoo to wash her hair then clean the body and rub it until it's all covered in foam. Clean her and then get her out to be ready to complete the other chores. Next comes the laundry phase and this is where you will be getting the dirty clothes and place them in the washing machine. Add detergent and conditioner and wait until they are cleaned. Get them out to be dried and continue with the rest of the game. All that remains is to dress her up in a sweet outfit with cute playful accessories. Go crazy and add unique colors that will match her energic personality and when this step is over you will go to the kitchen where the girl is going to be fed. Delicious plates are waiting for her and you will have to fulfill her desires when she asks for a certain type of food. Either she wants strawberries or juice or a sandwich you have to offer it and make her happy.

There are so many features this game provides and if you want to take a quick look you can spot them below :
– Free and easy gameplay
– Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics
– Have fun playing interactive activities with a baby
– Look after a baby girl
– Learning how to accomplish the given chores
– Use your imagination to create a wonderful look for Kara
– Feed her, wash her and keep her clothes clean
– Handle the laundry and finish the other tasks