Ball Sorting Master – Puzzle

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?As the most relaxing and interesting color ball sorting game, the color ball puzzle is designed to entertain and sharpen your mind at the same time. While sorting the colored balls to fill each tube with the same color, the relaxation it brings will relieve stress and distract you from your daily worries.
?This classic color sorting game is pretty easy to learn, but hard to master. Just tap to take a colored ball from one tube and stack it into another tube, until all balls of the same color are in the same tube. However, there are ten thousands of puzzles of varying difficulty. The more challenging the puzzles you play, the more careful you need to be with each move. Each move cannot be taken lightly, or you may get stuck! This Ball Sort game is definitely the best puzzle game for you to exercise your brain and train your logical thinking.
✅How to play
You can only place balls of the same color on top of each other. Try to find empty tubes first, and then move balls there. The best solution to solve the puzzle doesn't exist. Every single way that leads to a win is perfect, so you can apply your own style of sorting balls.
1⃣️ If you go wrong, use “Undo” to go back to previous steps
2⃣️Click the tube,This is the super-helpful feature for sorting! Use an extra tube and make ball sort levels easier. Add an extra tube if you get stuck.
3⃣️ You can restart the current level at any time.

? OFFLINE game
No time limit ; No WIFI need

?Are you ready for the colorful gaming experience with the color ball sorting game? Download now and play with your family and friends! Who will be the master of Color Ball Sorting?